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Basra Councils
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The judicial system and the public celebrated the opening of the justice house in Al Mudyna on 12 August 2010 in the presence of a delegation from... »
The member of the Iraqi Parliament, Mr. Mansour Abdul-Razzak Al-Kanaan held a dinner at his house on the 1st of August 2010 in the presence of the... »
It is planned to build a justice house in the Hartha Nahiya after getting the approval of Hartha council to allocate a piece of land in the Majidia... »
In order to deal with the salinity problem in the Siba Nahiya, due to the high salinity of the Shatt Al Arab water, the head of the council and the... »
a letter was sent to the Basrah District Council about changing Al Deer Nahiya into a district due to the vast area of the Nahiya and the density of... »
The transportation minister Dr. Amer Abdul Jabbar put the foundation stone for the Great port of Fao with the presence of groups of people. Speeches... »
The high salinity of water in the Nahiya has led to many problems. »
In the framework of Al Basrah reconstruction plan for the year 2007, a power station of 16 mega watts was established in Safwan in order to provide... »
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This school has suffered from an increase in the number of its students, which has weakened the... »
Since 2003 till now, many projects were implemented in collaboration between the municipal council,... »
01.01.2010 Roads and Bridges
Paving the Thagr areas with ballast of 5 km length »
A meeting was held for the Emergency Control unit in the council of Al Deer Nahiya, in accordance... »
Nashwa Council will hold a conference on Pollution and its Negative Effects on the Environment and... »
Building an amusement park on the shore of Shatt Al Arab which is considered as the only outlet for... »
Realizing more than 3600 contracts for the social security network for the most vulnerable people... »
Building Al Sadek Sports Club and a closed hall for sports by Mercy Corps, in addition, the club... »
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